Festival of life and death in the Riviera Maya

Enjoy the activities of Xcaret

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The cycle is repeated again and again. Everything born must die and, to commemorate it, the Riviera Maya organizes the Festival of life and death in Xcaret.

Pre-Columbian civilizations saw the death in a different way. It was a step closer to the gods. Although could have nostalgic touches, its essence of feast made it shine.

Today, the inhabitants of the Caribbean have retaken the heart of the traditions of the peninsula; and have organized one of the most important festivals from October 30 to November 2 in Xcaret. Everyone gathers to celebrate the life and commemorate the death.

With endless of cultural activities, the three days that make up the festival will be a wonderful experience. There is theater, dance, music, tours, interactive workshops, and exhibits.

Activities in Xcaret

There is a night hike through the jungle of Xcaret that you shouldn´t miss. In fact, you can choose between three packages to cover the largest number of activities. A basic entry, an entry plus and one that only gives you access to the concert that Lila Downs is going to offer in place the last day of the festival.

All include the entry to the place, you can choose between the access to underground rivers, to the aquarium coral reef or the butterfly garden and the aviary. So you can choose the one that best fits your tastes and activities.

In addition, you can try the typical gastronomy of the zone. Know the famous PIB, an exclusive tamal of the day of the dead that is cooked underground and that has the unique flavor of the ingredients of the peninsula.

Workshops, crafts, offerings and altars are also part of the great cultural offer that the city offers. Both national as foreigners will leave seduced by the wonder of the festival.  Without doubt, this is one of the most important events in the Riviera Maya.

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